The Wednesday Curator – 7/16/14

July 15, 2014

They just keep on coming, G-d bless them! One Wednesday after another.

I have driven Prius automobiles since 2004, and no non-Prius has been domiciled in our garage since 2006. Ms. J and I are committed to clean, fuel efficient transportation. So I read with interest John Voelker’s article, Hyundai v. Tesla: Exec Claims U.S. Funds Superchargers, Electric-Car Maker Angrily Rebuts, posted at Green Car reports on July 15. When manufacturers are fighting about who got more bennies from which government, we’re getting closer to the tipping point, when combustion engine behemoths look like the funny old cars many of us saw in the movies when we were children.

I’d never heard of Larry Pratt until I read The Zealot: Larry Pratt Is the Gun Lobby’s Secret Weapon, written for Rolling Stone by Alexander Zaitchik. Ick … but worth reading, to better understand what goes on “beyond Wayne LaPierre and the National Rifle Association.”

Here’s Paul Krugman, from Obamacare Fails to Fail in the July 13 New York Times. Along with it, here’s In North Carolina, an Obamacare Disconnect by Jennifer Haberkorn from, on July 15. The fricking thing is working, but who’d know it? And if someone knows it’s working, they surely won’t credit the guy who’s occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We deserve better from our media, and from our leaders. (So you don’t think I’m totally in the POTUS orbit, stay tuned in a day or so for some strong words about the absence of moral leadership regarding the children at the border.)

Here’s a piece from The Atlantic that caught my eye last month:  How You Know Where You’re Going When You’re in an Airport. David Zweig reports on signage, and how it works when it works well. Cool stuff!

Food and Wine puts together some beautiful posts about food, which I follow at Facebook. Here’s one for my friend P.R. about pizza ovens, titled America’s Coolest Pizza Ovens.  And, in the pizza vein, here’s Pizzeria Bianco’s website. America’s best pizza, maybe, and a location opens on Congress St. in downtown Tucson on July 24, a week from this Thursday. Ms. J and I did PB in Phoenix a while back. Very good, but she—and I, albeit to an almost immeasurably smaller degree—think very, very highly of the pizzas put out by Scordato’s Pizzeria. And what accounts for the marginal difference? I lose focus three sips into my No. 209 gin martini, and I get one great martini at Scordato’s.


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