The Wednesday Curator – 7/8/15

July 7, 2015

The Atlantic, on July 6, posted The Real Story of Obamacare’s Birth by Norm Ornstein. Mr. Ornstein works for the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative entity, and is a highly regarded Congress-watcher who is fed up with Congress and does not think “both sides do it” explains the problem. Mr. Ornstein’s piece demonstrates with facts that the Obama Administration and Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont.), Chair of the Senate Finance Committee in 2009, tried mightily to engage with stalling Republican senators for months, before they pushed forward with the Affordable Care Act. And, for clarity about the fact that the ACA situation was not a one-off event, read The Party of No: New Details on the GOP Plot to Obstruct Obama by Michael Grunwald for Time in August 2012. Mr. Grunwald offers a fine refresher course on obstructionism.

From the paper of record—albeit not a regular source Down South—here’s The Civil War is Winding Down. It’s been 150 years, lots of people have died, and it’s time. Truly!

Also from the Times, I read with interest A Georgia County Where the Rebel Flag Is Still Revered by Richard Fausset. The flag must go, and the war must end, but Mr. Fausset’s thoughtful article offers up a “nothing is as simple as it seems” moment.

From the sports desk, look at The United States Wins World Cup. Watch the Insane Four-Goal Stretch That Made It Happen. From Slate and written by Jeremy Stahl, you get an “I am there” chance to see four goals in 41 seconds. Congrats to the USA team!

More sports. Roger Federer may be the best male tennis player ever. That issue aside, I ask my readers to show me a cooler point than the one shown in Between-the-legs: Roger Federer scores a perfect point at Wimbledon. Just really cool!

I very much enjoyed listening to Chasing Food Dreams Across U.S., Nigerian Chef Tests Immigration System. It’s a fine story which highlights and personalizes our immigration challenges, and it also captures the dynamism of our dining world circa 2015. And from Daniel Gritzer offers up The Asado Burger: All the Flavors of the Argentine Grill, on Bread. I’d like one, now, and so might all of you. (Already thinking about a turkey-pork version, for my prion-phobic friends.)


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