The Wednesday Curator – 8/20/14 (Special Robin Williams Edition)

August 19, 2014

I did not expect to have more Robin Williams’ posts. The media did wrap things up in good order within a few days—think Michael Jackson, for example, about how awful the media can be—but there was definitely some “over the top” stuff last week. That aside, I saw some material I wanted—and needed—to share. Here it is:

Adam Hills, taking apart the Westboro Baptist Church—the funeral crashers—in Westboro Baptist Church Rant – The Last Leg.

Robin Williams, on the first decade of the century, in We Are Most Amused. (Warning! Degraded video; still “bust a gut” funny!)

A Little Known Robin Williams Story. (Alright, there are still two more links, and the man surely had some faults (and lots of demons), but in the dictionary his picture appears next to the definition of menschlichkeit.

Here’s the great Scott Simon on Morning Edition Saturday on National Public Radio, on Remembering the Highs and Lows of Robin Williams.

Finally, here’s 10+ minutes of David Letterman memories.

Godspeed, Mr. Williams, and thanks for the joy you shared with us!

P.S. There’s a video message from Mr. Williams, which may or may not amount to a suicide note. Not my thing, and we don’t share what we won’t read or watch!

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