The Wednesday Curator – 9/30/2015

September 29, 2015

Yogi Berra passed away on September 22, 2015. The world is certainly better for his having been here, in so, so many way. In addition to the extensive New York Times coverage here, take a look at Yogi: What did Berra say, when did he say it and what does it all mean?, a terrific 1984 essay for Sports Illustrated by Roy Blount, Jr. And, for those who don’t click, send me an email at and I’ll share what I wrote about Mr. Berra in A Life At 50-Ish, my memoir.

Here’s a refreshingly direct perspective on soon-to-be former House Speaker John Boehner, from Jeffrey Toobin for the New Yorker on September 29. The Pointless Cowardice of John Boehner is the piece I wish I’d written, and it has me rethinking my comments in No Government Shutdown … I think! The government will stay in business for about 90 days, and I’m doubting more and more that the Boehner Bail will generate anything else in the way of good governance.

A Conservative Group Analyzed Donald Trump’s Tax Plan. The Results Are Kind of Hilarious. by Jordan Weissmann for Slate is lots of fun. Huge, too! Really, really huge!!!

Anne-Marie Slaughter is a big deal in diplomacy. Her new book, Unfinished Business, places her in a new sphere, talking about work-home balance. Here’s a Slate commentary by Dana Goldstein, and an NPR story, ‘Unfinished Business’: When Working Families Can’t Do It All, by Rachel Martin for Weekend Edition: Sunday, this past Sunday. Worth a look/listen; for the wealthiest, most advanced nation in our civilization’s history, we should expect more of ourselves.

I’m visiting my daughter in Rochester NY soon. First visit with my favorite Kodak employee. In connection with the visit I’ve been hard at work on restaurant research. And I’ve run across a most interesting dish: the Garbage Plate. The Garbage Plate is a Rochester-centric dish. For details you need to click, for I will not sully MRW or the curved, muscular, saclike structure that is an enlargement of the alimentary canal and lies between my esophagus and my small intestine.

I mention Kenji López-Alt, Managing Culinary Director for, with some frequency. Well, he’s got a new book, The Food Lab, which is the modern-day equivalent of The Joy of Cooking. And in that vein, a copy is on its way to the afore-mentioned daughter.

Finally, one of my former partners told me Pizzeria Bianco in Tucson is now open for lunch. True dat, and in honor of some really fine pies, here’s a photo of the Rosa, with Red Onion, Parmigiano Reggiano, Rosemary, and AZ Pistachios:


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