Thursday Evening

May 28, 2015

I thought I was entertaining on Thursday evening. Alas, my guests could not join me. Still, a man does have to eat, and I did have my provisions at the ready.

My intended menu included a cold apps board, a pizza, roasted potatoes, and a salad. The cold apps went by the wayside, although I certainly nibbled on turkey jerky, cheese, and some left over stir-fried veggies and pork while I consumed my martini.


The potatoes are one of my favorites. I take any variety—tonight it was Russets and blue sweet potatoes, a new hybrid—and chop them into chunks, unpeeled. They get about six minutes in boiling, highly salted water. Then, the pot gets drained and they get a splash of olive oil, some Kosher salt and some crushed rosemary. Into a 425° oven they go, on parchment paper, until they are brown and slightly crunchy.


The pizza had some issues. I used the last of the dough I have prepared to date. After my Illinois experience I was concerned about its age and the potential for bacteria. No evident problems. I also worried about the sauce, opened at a point in the past and refrigerated for a while (but not long enough to grow anything no one wants to eat.) And, of course, grated mozzarella can get moldy. Good there too!

The pizza, once I knew I was alone, had to satisfy daughter Cate’s breakfast wishes. (Missing dinner did not mean she gave up leftover rights!) Cate is off to Tennessee to help a family member, and when she told me dinner was not happening I told her I’d be sure and save some pizza for a cold “on the way to the airport” breakfast. “How do you want it topped,” I inquired. “Whatever,” she said. “No, what do you want” generated “I’m easy.” Ultimately, we ended up with green olive and pepperoni. (My physical yesterday went well, but for a mild lecture from my doctor about alcohol. I’m guessing I was wise in not sharing my pizza-eating habits. Salt and hypertension do not mix!)

Anyway, here’s the pizza, on its way to the oven, and after being baked. Mighty tasty, and the kid and I will have a fine, fine breakfast.


P.S. Salad? Did someone mention salad? Who eats salad, alone, when there are roasted potatoes and a pizza?

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