August 18, 2016

Turn, Turn, Turn. From Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, written by the totally awesome Peter Seeger, and sung here by The Byrds, Turn, Turn, Turn addresses transitions. As it happens, this post deals with transitions, too. Imagine that!

I’ve been blogging here since February 8, 2014. 922 days. (Mark Rubin Writes includes about 20 essays from a prior site of mine.) When I started MRW the office administrator at the firm with which I was affiliated expressed concerns about staying power. “Will you keep it up,” she inquired with more than a bit of skepticism. Since she was and remains one of my most favorite people, I took no offense … and just kept writing. Best count? Six hundred-plus substantive posts since I started, or about one every day-and-a-half. (Maybe 300,000 words.)

First post in the MRW era? Food Writers Have Foils; barleymash, in which I introduced my readers to Ms. J. She’s the woman with whom I was sharing a life and more. Now, we share a daughter. College-educated. Working. A dog owner. Attached to a very fine young man. And, as of this week, a home owner. Woot woot!

So here I am, 992 days later. Older. Thinner. (For details, read Life Lessons.) Happier and happy, mostly. I’d share personal stuff but I don’t know how to do so appropriately. When I read nonfiction about personal matters I wonder, always, how that works. Are the subjects consulted? Are they exhibitionists? Or do the writers not care a whit what the people they write about think? (The scene in Manhattan comes to mind here, where Ike (Woody Allen) confronts his ex-wife Jill (Meryl Streep) about her book about their divorce. “It’s an honest book and you have nothing to be ashamed of,” says Jill, right before she references Ike trying to run over her girlfriend with his car. Note: Woody Allen and bad driving come together often. He needs to be avoided on the road.) Bottom line: It’s not in me to reveal personal stuff, except to say that I’m blessed! I’m a very lucky man!

So, what’s with all of the maudlin sh*t? Or, “For crying out loud, get too it!” Or, as someone close to me might be screaming now … . Never mind, and OK!!! MRW gets a makeover, shortly. Why?

I don’t like my law firm website. I did it myself, mostly. It sucks! But the law firm site redo comes with a free Mark Rubin Writes makeover. And the MRW site is tired, frankly.

It’s the makeover which prompted this post, and the request I’m getting to, slowly. I have loved and enjoyed Mark Rubin Writes. The writing process saves my sanity. That people read what I write helps plenty. Comments? Soul warming … and thank you, SC, for topping the commenter list, and for writing two guests posts. Getting stopped in the courthouse or on the street by someone who asks me how I find the time saves the day. And when Mr. R—he, along with many other readers, knows who he is—provides direct feedback at lunch, you need ropes and weights to bring me back to Earth!

All of the foregoing having been shared, the webby people will deal with the evident tiredness associated with the MRW site, although any input on those matters—look and functionality—will be much appreciated. From you, my readers, I really need to know what you do and don’t like about the substance of Mark Rubin Writes. MM—a regular reader, old friend, and fellow Leftie—told me on Tuesday that he doesn’t need me, as the Curator, to tell him what he should read. Got it, Mike, and the Curator was going, going, gone anyway, for the analytics tell me very few people read the Wednesday Curator posts. Curator aside, what do you like? Hate? Want to see? Think I can do better? Is there too much politics? Too little? Do you want more law? Food? Longer posts? Shorter ones? Personal stuff? (See above, on that one.) Etc. I really do want feedback. Really! Send comments to me at

Mark Rubin Writes and Mark Rubin Law will differ, for my politics and my law practice don’t mix for some. (The woman I kicked in the gut during the summer of 1957 stresses mightily every Sunday night over the fact that her son embraces so freely his right to share what’s on his mind about the world in which we live. “It’s bad for business,” says she. And still, I feed her.) But the two sites will complement one another, and in a conversation today my designers and I had a major design breakthrough. I’m very excited about how the look and feel will come together, and I do think Labor Day is a realistic Opening Day for both sites.

MRW will be on a hiatus until the new site is ready. I will be posting from time to time at Mark Rubin Writes on Facebook, but I don’t expect any more posts here until the makeover gets completed.

Thanks again, loyal readers, for your support. I’ll be back soon.


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