The Wednesday Curator – 1/21/15

January 20, 2015

It’s Wednesday again, and we’re fast approaching the Curator’s one year anniversary. Four more posts!

I really, really, really hate to even think about guns. Nevertheless, they exist, and closing my eyes and plugging up my ears helps not at all. Here’s Exclusive: Inside the NRA’s Response to Newtown by Patrice Taddonio for Frontline on PBS from late December. There are several links within the post, and some very serious journalism. Remember, just as the oil companies exist to sell us gasoline—notwithstanding their lovely Sunday morning television advertisements—the National Rifle Association exists to help an industry sell its wares.

Olga Khazan wrote The Unexpected Home of Unintended Pregnancy for The Atlantic on December 22. The title caught my eye, and I finally read the article on Sunday. I’ll give away the punchline—Delaware—and I also urge you to focus on the last explanation among five. All of the reasons are important, but math does matter!

A.J. Jacobs writes books. He wrote The Know-It-All after reading the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica, The Year of Living Biblically after obeying all of the biblical dictates for a year, and other books and articles. After Governor Mario Cuomo died, I saw a comment from Mr. Jacobs n which he recalled an encounter with Governor Cuomo and the very good advice he got:

When I was 12, I met Mario Cuomo, who was then running for governor. He was kind enough to take time to give me some life advice. “Go everywhere you can go. Read everything you can read. Meet everyone you can meet. Eat everything you can eat. Learn everything you can learn.”

(Mr. Jacobs noted, thereafter, that but for not eating cheese, he still follows the advice.)

Nothing Says Over 40 Like Two Spaces after a Period! by Jennifer Gonzalez for, from last August, highlights one of the very few problems I have in my life. (Alert: This is definitely a First World problem!) No, it’s not feeling picked on for being over 40! Or even being over 40!!! And for your information, I started one-spacing at least two years ago. My problem is a certain someone—she who shall be nameless, who has worked with me for 9066 days, and with whom I will celebrate a Silver working anniversary in about two months. This kind, competent, just about perfect soul of a secretary [nameless person]—who has endured those 9066 days with me with a smile which brightens my every work day—still two-spaces. The things we must endure!

Kenji López-Alt is a regular in my foodie world. He’s the Managing Culinary Director at (Wouldn’t that be a cool job?) This week he shared Lasagna Napoletana aka my deathbed dinner! Meatballs. Sausage. Gravy. Cheese, in four varieties. Noodles. Yes, I’m gluten-free right now, but I’m very certain that this dish works just fine without noodles. Very certain!

PS  Thanks to pal Pauline Hechler for noting Nonprofits Win Key Victory in Overhead Battles with Government by Tim Delaney for The Chronicle of Philanthropy on January 18. The federal government depends heavily on the nonprofit sector to deliver social services. Acknowledging that rent and electricity bills must be paid goes a long way in addressing the overhead issue which nonprofits face. Hooray!!!

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