The Wednesday Curator – 12/31/14

December 30, 2014

The Curator bids 2014 a friendly adieu by bringing you a “Best of …” edition. Best lists from the world around us abound; here are just a few:

Tidings of Comfort, written Nobel Prize awardee Paul Krugman for the December 25 New York Times, notes four major accomplishments which call into question the notion that Revelations is upon us. Smart, clear thinking here and, by the way, did I mention the fact that Paul Krugman, who gets pilloried hourly, has been awarded a Nobel Prize for Economics? Just sayin’! (If I missed any Nobel Prizes awarded to Rush Limbaugh et al., please advise.)

From, here’s the Longform Best of 2014 long-form journalism pieces. Heard about this site and the list on All Things Considered on December 26 in this story. Click on the first link, bookmark the link, and you won’t want for great essays for a long, long time. P.S. One more reason to include AZPM in your charitable giving.

The New York Times puts out two book lists every year. 100 Notable Books of 2014 was published on December 2. A couple of days later the Times posted The 10 Best Books of 2014, five fiction and five non-fiction. (For a very much more eclectic mix, Slate provides Best Books 2014:  Slate Staff Picks. These are the books that catch my eye on a library shelf! And for the real finds, here’s The Overlooked Books of 2014, also from Slate.)

And about food. Travel + Leisure posted America’s Best Cities for Foodies, and ranked New Orleans No. 1 and New York No. 4. So about this:  An old friend told me, years ago, that I was “too clean” for New Orleans. Thus, I speak not from direct knowledge about NOLA, but “boo hiss” on T+L, for you must go to New York City  for the best food in America. (Condé Nast Traveler’s The Best American Cities for Foodies goes in reverse order, but ends up right, with NYC in first place.)

All of the foregoing leads up to The 10 Best New Restaurants of 2014 in New York City, written by New York Times food critic Pete Wells on December 26. I’d eat at every restaurant he mentions, gladly, and think his list demonstrates well the vibrant nature of the New York food scene.

Finally, and only because an NYT critic’s list does skew “high end,” here’s Adam Kuban’s ‘8 Pizzas That Haunt My Dreams,’ 2014 Edition. Of the nine places Mr. Kuban includes on his list of eight, seven are within the boundaries of New York City.

In closing, Happy New Year to all! And quoting the late, great Harry Morgan as Colonel Sherman T. Potter of the 4077th MASH unit, in part:  “Here’s to the New Year. May she be a damned sight better than the old one, … .”


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