The Wednesday Curator – 2/25/15

February 25, 2015

From the land of Blow-Hard-Ia, populated by the likes of Mayor Rudy and Bloviator Bill-O, we’ve been receiving lots of excess decibels in the past several days. Best commentary on Mayor Guiliani and his asinine comments about whether President Obama loves America? Here’s Wayne Barrett, from the February 19 edition of the New York Daily News, with What Rudy Giuliani knows about love — a response to his ‘doesn’t love America’ critique of Obama. (Regarding Bill-O, he appears to be in charge of his own fall, and surely doesn’t need any help from the likes of me!)

For some real thinking about a big aspect of loving America—how we feel and act with respect to the military and service—immerse yourself in the back and forth between James Fallows and Sebastian Junger. Here’s Mr. Fallows’ with Sebastian Junger on Chickenhawk Nation from The Atlantic, posted on February 23. The first sentence includes links to Mr. Fallows’ first piece, mentioned by the Curator on January 7, along with Mr. Junger’s response. Worth your time, for sure!

If you’re not yet sick of Obamacare commentary, David Cole’s piece, Can They Crush Obamacare?, written for the New York Review of Books’ March 19, 2015 issue, provides worthy insights.

Recently, someone mentioned the Patel-motel connection. Here’s A Patel Motel Cartel? by Tunku Varadarajan from the New York Times on July 4, 1999, with answers. (Disclosure: I have represented hotel owners named Patel.)

The mind works in strange ways? On the way to work today I wanted a fish taco. At 6:50 a.m.! Now, I eat mine grilled, with sauce on the side, yada, yada, but here’s Alice Q. Foodie with The Truth About Fish Tacos from August 2008. (Truth be told, Alice is not a fan of fish tacos, but her photos are beautiful. I like my tacos from La Salsa in Tucson but, again, I’m a grilled fish guy.)

And for dessert? Well, I’m busy doing research for my Mark Rubin Bakes … Fruitcakes! launch. I ran across Best Fruitcakes by Tricia Romano for The Real Deal by RetailMeNot. Please share your thoughts about fruitcake. Treat … or doorstop? With or without brandy? And about those neon green cherries?

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