The Wednesday Curator – 4/2/14

April 1, 2014

Wednesday has arrived; here’s the best of what the Wednesday Curator has read this week. Enjoy!

I haven’t ventured into Arizona politics much—at all?—here, and that is no accident. I did, however, find How the Right Hijacked Arizona, written by James Oliphant and published in National Journal Online on March 31, very interesting and worth my time.

He Remade Our World is the fifth installment in Mark Danner’s New York Review of Books series on, so far, Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney. Here are links to Rumsfeld’s War and Its Consequences Now (No. 1) and In the Darkness of Dick Cheney (No. 4). (Donald Rumsfeld Revealed (No. 2) and Rumsfeld:  Why We Live in His Ruins (No. 3) are firewall protected.) The Danner series offers excellent insights into some tough characters.

There are lots of myths about money, especially from some who like to “talk tough” on behalf of what others ought to do. Here’s a piece by Svati Kirsten Narula, from The Atlantic’s website on April 1, titled The Myth of Working Your Way Through College.

I have generally avoided the daily political grind. However, the open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act ended on Monday and, reflecting, that seems to be “not the daily political grind” important. Here are two pieces—The Right’s Day After Freak-out:  Conservatives Fail to Grapple With New Obamacare Reality and It’s All Over, Obamacare Haters! Why They’ve Officially Lost the Battle—by Brian Beutler, both posted on on April 1. No, Obamacare is not the perfect answer. For sure there will be tweaks over time. We do, however, finally have a system in place that works toward having everyone insured, and as the Veep told POTUS on May 23, 2010, “This is a big f*cking deal.”

And now for something completely different! As some of you know, bread baking has been “in my bones” for almost 40 years. I’m an OK bread baker, better than some, and not really very good at all when I compare myself with those who really commit themselves. That said, I was getting ready to get more serious—new scale and dough hook arrived, and I’m ready to delve into sourdough, starters, etc.—when I read about Tony Bezsylko, master baker at Cellar Door Bread. See if you’re as intimidated as I am!

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