The Wednesday Curator – 3/18/15

March 17, 2015

There’s a new kerfuffle—a new word for the Curator, and for MRW—in Florida and Washington over climate change. Miami Finds Itself Ankle-Deep in Climate Change Debate was written by Carol Davenport for the New York Times on May 7, 2014. And last Thursday Caitlin MacNeal reported for Talking Points Memo on a speech by Secretary of State John Kerry, in which he alluded to an informal ban on the use of these terms—climate change, global warming, and sustainability—by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, reported by several employees. Banner-in chief Governor Rick Scott denies the charge. (Governor Scott on the deck of the Titanic: This boat is not sinking; the water is rising!)

Jonathan Chait writes for New York magazine, and used to be with The New Republic. He’s been following and writing about the health care issue for years, very well. Why Republicans Will Never, Ever Have a Real Health-Care Plan, in 7 Charts, from March 12, is a “can’t miss” piece about Obamacare and an alternative plan. Mr. Chait’s thesis? Republicans won’t have a substitute because a workable plan cannot be consistent with their philosophical principles. The piece is really about how the Ds and Rs think about problems, and it’s very interesting!

Barney Frank, the retired Congressman from Massachusetts, has written a memoir, Frank. Here’s the New York Times review by Frank Bruni, as well as My Life as a Gay Congressman, written by Congressman Frank for Politico on March 12.

We have video and audio for you this week. The video is The Greatest Bowling Story Ever Told, recounting Bill Fong’s amazing Monday night in Plano, TX. (Joey Daoud made the video.) Gripping!

The audio comes from NPR’s StoryCorps on March 13. It’s Former Security Guard Reflects on What He Lost One Fateful Night. Powerful!.

Last week was Dumpling Week at Lots of good stuff! Not so much, though, for the gluten-avoider!

Pete Wells, restaurant reviewer for the New York Times, wrote about Bowery Meat Company last week. Now, prions, fat, cost, and distance aside (and the gluten in the bun), I could not not share with you the burger and fries in the review. I peeked at least four times!

P.S. For non-clickers, here’s the burger and fries.

Burger and Fries, from Bowery Meat Company

Burger and Fries, from Bowery Meat Company

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