The Wednesday Curator – 3/30/2016

March 29, 2016

From the Trump desk: The Palm Beach Post has Trump Aide Charged with Misdemeanor Battery Versus Ex-Breitbart Reporter; Trump aide Stephanie Cegielski has quit, and her letter explains why; and here’s the transcript of the Donald’s meeting with the Washington Post Editorial Board. Best exchange?

RYAN: You [MUFFLED] mentioned a few minutes earlier here that you would knock ISIS. You’ve mentioned it many times. You’ve also mentioned the risk of putting American troop in a danger area. If you could substantially reduce the risk of harm to ground troops, would you use a battlefield nuclear weapon to take out ISIS?

TRUMP: I don’t want to use, I don’t want to start the process of nuclear. Remember the one thing that everybody has said, I’m a counterpuncher. Rubio hit me. Bush hit me. When I said low energy, he’s a low-energy individual, he hit me first. I spent, by the way he spent 18 million dollars’ worth of negative ads on me. That’s putting [MUFFLED]…

RYAN: This is about ISIS. You would not use a tactical nuclear weapon against ISIS?


TRUMP: I’ll tell you one thing, this is a very good looking group of people here.  Could I just go around so I know who the hell I’m talking to?

For The Atlantic Jeffrey Goldberg has Obama on What Trump and Cruz Get Wrong about Islam. It’s a very interesting read, and a reminder that our president is a thoughtful—as in, he thinks—man. Is it any wonder, as this sh*t show continues, that President Obama’s approval rating keeps going up?

I don’t like to get too focused on myself, but I did start a Facebook page—Do Your Job—several days ago. Every day, I find myself looking for a good piece of writing about the abject failure of the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell and his merry band of minions to follow the Constitution. I’m getting tired of the task, but I’m in it for the long haul, which may mean I’ll be at it until January 2017.

I am a Bill Walton fan, and not shy at all about that fact. Sam Anderson’s long profile—Bill Walton’s Long, Strange Tale of N.B.A. Survival—for this past Sunday’s New York Times magazine only confirmed for me that Bill Walton is an extraordinary man. (For audio, listen to How Basketball Great Bill Walton Thrived in a Life of Limitations from NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday on March 26.)

For beautiful food, I think I really must go to Macau, for a meal at Robuchon au Dome. Here’s a report from, but you’ll have to click to see photos. Hungry, right now!

Finally, here’s a little lagniappe, just in case you did not get your fill in the lede: Donald and Melania and Heidi and Ted was written for the New Yorker by Amy Davidson.


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