The Wednesday Curator – 3/4/15

March 3, 2015

On Wednesday, October 8, I mentioned Coming Around Again and major crush Carly Simon. Twenty-one weeks have passed, Wednesday’s are still coming around again, every seven days, and I’m still smitten.

This week, three notable people left us:  Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, retired president of Notre Dame University; Minnie Minoso, the (almost) forever Chicago White Sox outfielder; and Leonard Nimoy aka Spock. Each of these men lived long. Each prospered in his chosen field(s). We’re better for their having been with us, and may their memories be for a blessing!

Politics and angst have the Curator’s head spinning right now, so we’re focusing on other matters. The blue dress, for example. No, not the one which “that woman, Miss Lewinsky’: instead, we’re into the blue dress which is the star of The Science of Why No One Agrees on the Color of This Dress, written for Wired by Adam Rogers on February 26. The issue is actually very interesting, and if I understood more than 10% of what I read, it’d be very interesting!

Alright, so I prevaricated a bit. Here’s Cold Calculation by Alec MacGillis for Slate on February 24.  Mr. MacGillis explains Senator and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). One smart, scary man!

Here from Washingtonian magazine is Inside the Great Ice Cream Parlor War by Emily Codik, located at Subtitles? Fistfights. Lawsuits. $1,000 sundaes.

Because I’m mostly not eating bread and other flour/gluten products, I like to peek here and there. Sometimes, though, stuff just jumps out at you, like The Art of the Perfect Grilled Cheese (Plus 20 Variations to Shake Things Up) by Kenji López-Alt, posted at on February 23.

It’s warming up here and there, and where it isn’t, I know hope spring’s eternal, as does hoping for spring! If San Diego figures into your plans anytime soon, I highly recommend EJ Eats, a food blog by Erin Jackson. She’s a fine young food writer, and she mostly shares information from Heaven on Earth! Does life get any better?


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