The Wednesday Curator – 5/6/15

May 5, 2015

A Father in Texas Takes on Sexual Assault in Sports by Juliet Macur for Sports of The Times on May 1 tells Bill Miller’s story. Mr. Miller works in Austin as a political consultant. He read about Jameis Winston, focusing on Mr. Winston’s claim that a woman’s moaning during intercourse constitutes consent. (For more about Mr. Winston and sexual assaults on college campuses, read Extra: The Hunting Ground and go see the movie.) Offended, Mr. Miller acted. Read the piece for details about the movie every student-athlete in Texas must watch, and about a man who’s making a difference.

All, unfortunately, is not well in Texas. Texans are asking “Is the Pentagon Messing with Texas?” (The story was written by Russell Berman for The Atlantic.) More fun than Mr. Berman’s story is Chuck Norris, Greg Abbott Still Sweating U.S. Military’s Texas Takeover (and Wal-Mart’s Secret Tunnels?) by Dallas Morning News blogger Robert Wilonsky.

As if a federal takeover was not enough, the Texas legislature has told municipalities they cannot ban fracking. Gotta love it when state’s rights folks tell towns and cities what they can and cannot do. Something rolls downhill, that’s for sure!

Here from my friend Sari Horwitz, who I’ve known since second grade, is The Painful Price of Aging in Prison. Sari is a great, great writer for the Washington Post. Her story is really about waste. Wasted lives and the cost (in wasted dollars) associated with what seem like easy decisions, like lock ‘em up forever.

Jerry Saltz wrote The New New Museum, about the Whitney Museum of American Art. It’s an interesting article about museums in modern times. (If you’re a Whitney fan, you might also enjoy Does the New Whitney Show That Modernism Never Really Happened in America?)

I will be in Chicago shortly, just prior to graduation festivities. Alas, I won’t be eating at Hot Doug’s, which specialized in encased meats. Read RIP Hot Doug’s: A Love Letter to understand my sense of loss. Although Hot Doug’s will not be an option, I will have to be eating in Winslow, AZ, Ft. Morgan, CO, Des Moines, IA, Chicago, IL, North Platte, NE, and Santa Fe, NM, I think. I’m all ears and eyes for suggestions. In the meantime, right now I’m craving a fish sandwich. I googled best fish sandwich in America and got to 18 Fish and Other Seafood Sandwiches We Love, written by Hally Wolhandler for in August 2012. I’ve eaten the Heebster from Russ & Daughters. Good, but not really a fish sandwich. Alas, if time and distance mattered not at all, we’d come home by way of Nashville and have the Hot Fish from Bolton’s. Here’s a pic:


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