The Wednesday Curator – 7/13/2016

July 12, 2016

There is a tension between sharing really good stuff here, and using a separate post to go deeper. So you won’t be seeing anything about the Week of Shame in America aka July 3 – 9, 2016, and you also won’t be reading an important piece of journalism in Vox, written by Ezra Klein, about Hillary Clinton. Stay tuned for posts on both issues.

If you want to understand Donald J. Trump and his supporters on a granular level, read Who are All These Trump Supporters? by George Saunders for the New Yorker’s newest double-week edition. Not a pretty picture, for sure, but for those people who live in the world of facts, the piece is worth your time.

Senator Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Socialist from Vermont, endorsed Hillary Clinton today. Finally. Senator Sanders deserves his due for a fine run, which is why the Curator shares The End of a Political Revolution by Clare Foran for The Atlantic. G-d bless Bernie Sanders, and thank you, everybody for making sure he will never be President of the United States of America.

Governor Jerry Brown (D-Calif.), who is still the American political wunderkind, wrote A Stark Nuclear Warning for the July 14, 2016 issue of the New York Review of Books. In it Governor Brown reviews My Journey at the Nuclear Brink, a memoir written by former Defense Secretary William J. Perry. Bought for my Kindle, and in the queue.

Roger Federer lost in the semi-final round at The Championships, Wimbledon last week. He’s the seven-time Wimbledon champion, and will be 35—old, at least traditionally, for tennis—next month. So here’s Roger Federer as Religious Experience, written by the late, awesomely great David Foster Wallace for the New York Times on August 20, 2006. Mr. Federer has won 17 Grand Slam tournaments, and it seems like have another or more in him, and while Mr. Wallace has no more essays to write—he died almost eight years ago—his essays are worthy of many re-readings. featured Franklin’s Barbecue by Devin Garza the other day. One pretty plate of ‘cue. The piece also provides instructions. Show up early, which means 8:00 a.m. on weekends. Bring your own hydration and adult beverages. Austin is hot in the summer.


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