The Wednesday Curator – 7/27/2016

July 27, 2016

Democrats Make Hillary Clinton a Historic Nominee. ‘Nuff said!

Trump and Russia. Russia and Trump. Josh Marshall, who runs has put himself on the matter with, among other posts, What’s Going on With Putin and Trump and Why It’s a Big, Big Deal. A blogger, you say? Well, not just any blogger? Several years ago Randall “Duke” Cunningham represented part of San Diego County in Congress. Then, Mr. Marshall and others focused on him. Then, Duke Cunningham served almost seven years in prison. So if Josh Marshall thinks there might be a meaningful and improper connection between Donald Trump and Russia the Curator pays attention. (For the contra position, read The Trump-Putin Fallacy by Masha Gessen for the New York Review of Books.)

Speaking of Mr. Trump, the Washington Post editorial board had some thoughts about him. Read Donald Trump Is a Unique Threat to American Democracy, published on the front page of this past Sunday’s edition. It’s a worthy read!

Connie Bruck has written Why Obama Has Failed to Close Guantánamo. She explains why Congress doesn’t get all of the blame for the policy failure. Very interesting material about just how tough tough policy issues are.

The Curator believes that, during a time in which the world has never been richer, there ought to be time to consider deep questions. Nothing, it seems, can be deeper than The Debate over Time’s Place in the Universe. The Atlantic’s Dan Falk has the story, and it seems mighty cool that we have physicists who get paid to focus on time. And some of us have to fight about money every day. What a Wonderful World!

Cathy Chaplin is a food writer in Los Angeles who blogs at Her post, Carbone – Las Vegas (Aria Resort and Casino), caught the Curator’s eye. The Curator and his alter ego do not do Vegas, but that might change.


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