Dear Mr. President

July 8, 2017

Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

We’ve never met. Still, I despise you more passionately than I ever thought possible. You are arrogant, dishonest, greedy, ill-informed, pompous, selfish, short-sighted, stupid, and untrustworthy. Truly, you are a despicable man.

Alas, you are also the man who, by virtue of a quirky electoral system, sits at the head of our government. (Save that load of horse-hooey about millions of people voting illegally for your opponent for the alt-facts crowd.) You’ve been our servant, now, for 169 terrible days, and you had 72 to prepare yourself for the job we gave you. (You had a lifetime, before Election Day 2016, but I don’t get a sense from you that you place much stock in being prepared.)

Today, what set me off was your utterly idiotic decision about a “fill-in” when you left the G-20 meeting for Lord knows what reason. Ivanka Trump. Your daughter. (The one you’d date if she wasn’t your daughter.) Pray, what qualifies your daughter to sub for you at a meeting of world leaders? Did I forget National Take Your Daughter to Work Day? Did I miss an election, where we chose her to be … somebody?

Maybe you thought your daughter might gain some knowledge from what she was hearing. Knowledge, I guess, you didn’t think she could get from reading a transcript of the proceedings later. Or, maybe, you simply didn’t care one whit about how others might interpret your actions. About the disrespect you shower on your peers. The contempt for protocol. And the message to your 300+ million bosses, back home, about just how disinterested you are in governance.

You sold many millions of Americans on your Make America Great Again message, Mr. President. How’s that working out? Do you think the world respects America when you have Ms. Trump sitting at the grown-ups table? When you offload responsibilities on your unqualified, shady son-in-law? (What possible competencies does he have to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?) Or when you isolate America, handing over leadership on pressing issues like climate change to others?

Mr. President, you told us you didn’t want other leaders and countries laughing at us anymore.  Respectfully, sir, you missed the memo: the laughing began between November 8, 2016 and soon after January 20, 2017.

Mr. President, with leadership comes responsibility. The Leader of the Free World—that’s you, sir—can’t throw temper tantrums. He gets to take a few hits, too, because they come with the territory. And the United States of America, as a nation, leads by example. That means, sometimes, sucking it up, for it, too, comes with the role. Maybe, for example, getting to YES with more than 190 countries on climate change matters more—a whole lot more—than your pretentious play for votes in coal country.

Mr. President, I mean no disrespect for the office you hold with my words. I wonder, though, whether you think you’re respecting the office of President of the United States. Did you respect your office when you put your daughter at a table, representing our country, along with 19 world leaders? Do you respect your office when you have about 80% of the government’s senior leadership positions sitting empty, solely on account of your decision not to put nominees before the Senate? Do you respect your office when you’ve turned the presidency into a job you do when golf doesn’t otherwise occupy your days? (You told us, when you were running that you wouldn’t have time to play golf. Maybe you should pass on golf and read resumes, sir.)

Mr. President, most Americans respect the office you hold. Someday, sir, most of us will, once again, have good reasons to respect the occupant. For now, though, I think you give us every reason to wish we could say, simply, “You’re fired.”



Mark Rubin

6 Responses to Dear Mr. President

  • Hear, hear. Sometimes I wonder if he is literate enough to be able to read and understand a letter like this. What a sad example the man sets.

  • I don’t disagree with your comments as you probably know. I think however this is misdirected anger. 60+% of self identified Republicans do NOT believe Russia was involved in hacking despite the universal acceptance in Intel and congress. That number is the same stat as those R’s who felt Obama was not born here. Trump stands for less of what Republicans elected official stand for…stood for…than Hillary. Yet they stand there and support this man! THOSE are the real culprits. Them and the Republican voters who voted for this man despite his despicable campaign and still refuse to leave him in droves. If it wasn’t Trump who exploited this anger on the right, it would have been someone else because reasonable Republicans are unwilling to confront the Emperor with no clothes….nor decency.
    How do we forge a coalition with them? I don’t know but that is what gets me angry, not at this charlatan they refuse to abandon.

    • Steve,

      Thanks for the observations. Clearly, voters gave us Donald Trump. If those voters abandoned him in droves now, maybe a House majority would vote to impeach him, and maybe 19 R Senators would join 48 D Senators in voting to convict him. I doubt both propositions, though, and especially the later one, for those 19 Senators might need some resume work after they vote. (Frankly, if I was a D in the Senate I might vote to leave him in office, to avoid giving the Vice President a leg up in the 2020 election. The basis for impeachment would control my decision, and impeachment is a political act, and not a legal one. That said, at the margin I’d be concerned that Pence might be worse because he’d be effective. So more than 19 Rs might be needed.)

      All of the foregoing having been written, attacking Trump supporters goes nowhere. No one likes to be attacked, least of all by a friend or relative. (Yes, like yours and others, my circles includes people who still like the guy.) This post made me feel better, and maybe some Trump supporters have more reasons to question their support for DJT.

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