Extra: Go Hillary Clinton!!!

June 7, 2016

This post is about Hillary Clinton, but before I get there I need to acknowledge the “rough and tumble” associated with the 2016 presidential season. As with so much these days, stuff happens ever more quickly. I truly didn’t expect the revolution for another ten years or so. Alas, it might be upon us much sooner, which makes it easy to forget about the significance of the fact that Hillary Clinton will be the nominee of the Democratic Party.

So much about former Secretary of State / Senator / First Lady’s run for the presidency is extraordinary. She is a woman, and will be the first female nominee of a major party in the history of the United States of America. (To name but a few countries which have been led by women, consider: Brazil, Germany, Israel, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom. We’re very late to this party.)

Hillary Clinton is also the spouse of a former president. We will see how that all plays out over the next 22 weeks. I suspect we’ll hear lots more about a candidate’s spouse’s sex life than we ever wanted to (or ever have before). I also think it will go over in 2016 about as well as it did in 1998. ((Imagine? Same sex life.)

Before I go on, did I mention the fact that Hillary Clinton is a woman? This a big fucking deal, readers! Really!!! (How big a deal? No asterisk in lieu of the u.) Guys, be nice to your ladies; they’re kvelling. Ladies, kvell away, with wine or more! And guys who have daughters? What’s happening here matters to your girls, even if they’re not Hillary supporters.

Now, Hillary Clinton does not come into this situation without issues. The Berners have worked themselves into a rage, many on both sides want the revolution five years ago, and we still hear words like Benghazi and emails too often. On Hillary Clinton, read two pieces by Neal Gabler, What’s Wrong with Hillary? and an earlier essay, The Media Have a Hillary Story and They’re Sticking to It, both by Moyers & Company. Both are excellent, and they explain an awful lot which isn’t readily evident. I don’t expect Mr. Gabler to change any Trump voters’ minds, but his pieces provide assurances to those who lean Left but have Hillary issues.

Senator Bernie Sanders (Something-Vt.) will do what he will do. Donald Trump will, also, and anyone who thinks he’s a doofus who can be ignored needs some remedial hours. He’s armed and dangerous, and those of us who think he’s an existential threat to our nation better get our butts in gear and get to work.

‘Nuff said, but for “It’s about damn time one party had the good sense to put a smart woman on the top of its ticket.”


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