The Wednesday Curator – 6/8/2016

June 7, 2016

Muhammad Ali, dead at 74. Much has been written about The Greatest in the past few days. Here’s some of what the Curator enjoyed most:

Ali in Havana by Gay Talese for Esquire, back in 1996, courtesy of

Ali on the Aisle by the incredible, 96-year-old Roger Angell, still writing for the New Yorker. Mr. Angell started writing for the New Yorker when Mr. Ali was two-years-old.

Bob Costas to Muhammad Ali — “Well Actually …” by Ta-Nehisi Coates for The Atlantic.

Muhammad Ali’s 10 Greatest Pop Culture Moments by Tim Grierson for Rolling Stone.

The Death of the Champ: Muhammad Ali, 1942 – 2016 by Mark McClusky for Wired.

Why Trump Was Inevitable was written by Ronald B. Rapoport, Alan I. Abromowitz, and Walter J. Stone for The New York Review of Books. It’s an interesting piece about the math, and worth a few minutes, if only to demonstrate pretty clearly that Donald J. Trump had the nomination won many, many moons ago. And from the other side, here’s Jeff Shesol from the New Yorker with Obama’s Role on Clinton’s Team. This might end up being an interesting election after all!

The Curator—and his alter ego—don’t tweet. We don’t like it, maybe because it’s too fast for our 58-year-old sensitivities. In any event, the Curator shares Twitter is betting everything on Jack Dorsey. Will it work? The article was written by Nick Bilton for Vanity Fair Hive. Maybe others will enjoy learning more about his operation.

John Oliver Just Gave Away Nearly $15 Million (by Forgiving Medical Debt in Texas), written by Matthew Dessem for Slate, tells the story of a mensch, plain and simple.

David Bouley is a lower Manhattan restaurateur. Here’s a New York Times report by Jeff Gordimer: David Bouley Plans to Retool His Restaurants, and Himself. Mr. Bouley is an interesting man, with a deep interest in food.

In closing, the Curator’s alter ego will be away for a few days. There may or may not be posts throughout the rest of the week. Enjoy yourselves, dear readers, and avoid the heat!

The barleymash ahi salad, form barleymash in downtown San Diego. A favorite, and a great salad for summer!

The barleymash ahi salad, from barleymash in downtown San Diego. A favorite, and a great salad for summer!

You thought there’d be no art, maybe?

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