In a Rut! Food Edition

June 10, 2014

Do you get in a rut when the issue is dining out? Find yourself going to the same two or three places? (Maybe two or three options represents wide variability for you?)

I have struggled with this issue—well, “struggled” surely overstates the matter, for this is definitely a First World problem, and a First Worlder for “upper–middles” and above—and have no solutions. I have thought about an old-fashioned app, a piece of paper for my car with a list of options in different parts of town, but I have been thinking about that list for two decades and it remains non-existent.

Alas, several weeks ago Tucson Weekly published its 100 Essential Dishes list. It was a fun read, and I kept meaning to do something with it. Several pages, though, and part of a 60-80 page newspaper, so it sat on my desk. Finally, I went through it, made an Evernote file, and I now have a list of what are, for me, “must try” plates. Here they are:

Fishy Pig Taco from Gio Taco

The Blake from Diablo Burger

Roasted Bone Marrow from Penca

The Cura, a pizza from Falora

The grilled cheese stack from 47 Scott

Carne Asada Tacos from El Guero Canelo

Shrimp Cocktail from Sinaloa Restaurant

Frickles from Good Oak Bar

Gyro Plate at Zayna

Caramelo Al Pastor from BK’s

Messy Fries from Brushfire BBQ

Any pizza from Dry River Company

Pho from Miss Saigon

None of these places are on my “regulars” list. Are they for anyone else? Any other “must try” dishes or restaurants? I welcome all input, and I’m sure my readers do to.

And as for the Supreme Court, which usually makes an appearance on Tuesdays? Stay tuned. The term should end by the end of the month, and we still await Hobby Lobby, a big-deal case on recess appointments, First and Fourth Amendment cases, etc.

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