The Wednesday Curator – 6/11/14

June 10, 2014

Wednesday again!

Wow! Just wow!!! In CD 7-VA, Virginia Republicans selected Dave Brat as their nominee, choosing home over House Majority leader Eric Cantor. Here are takes from the New York Times, the Washington Post (I) and (II), and Talking Points Memo. Now, I’m no fan of Congressman Cantor. But still! The man is next in line to be Speaker of the House of Representatives, and he loses to a college professor/Tea Partier he outspends by more than 40-1. In a primary! So much for the meme that the Establishment has retaken the Republican Party. Just wow!

The Koch brothers—Charles and David—have run a large number of advertisements that tell false stories about how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare has harmed people. Leslie Savan recounted the facts in True or False? Koch Brothers Group Abandons Its Misleading Anti-Obamacare Ads on March 21 in The Nation. Now, in a truly heart-warming story, the Arizona Daily Star on June 9 published Nearly 50-Pound Tumor Removed from Tucson Woman in Life-Saving Procedure. And the juxtaposition? The patient lived with the tumor for about two years, until she got insurance through Obamacare and could afford to have the operation.

Here are two pieces on climate change:  Interests, Ideology and Climate by Paul Krugman from the June 8 New York Times; and New Greenhouse Gas Rules Will Cost Taxpayers Very Little, by Eban Goodstein, Director of the Center for Environmental Policy at Bard College, posted at on June 2. We can do this, really!

Losing Weight May Require Some Serious Fun is Gretchen Reynolds’ June 4 story in the New York Times. Right or wrong, there’s no reason not to make the exercise regimen pleasurable.

Food was hard this week. So much stuff; so little space! Read What’s the Difference Between Pastrami and Montreal Smoked Meat? from on June 9 to learn about … the difference between … . (Or just look at the pictures and salivate!) Also from, posted on June 3 and written by J. Kenji López-Alt, is A Brief Ode to Fried Clams, the Best Fried Food in the World. Finally, courtesy of my friend, pizzaiolo straordinario, and fellow foodie P.R., I offer you Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food.


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