Moving Day!

February 16, 2016

Moving Day! The Scalia post is written, but it needs to leaven just a bit. I’ve never forgotten the adage that “if you don’t something nice to say, be quiet.” It’s a good lesson, generally, and my add-on—for those times when something less than nice is appropriate—is “it’ll keep for a bit.”

So last night—the 8739th night I resided at my home—called for pizza. I’ve never counted the number of pizzas I’ve made at 5900. (My friend PGR does keep a notebook, with hydration rates, flour mixes, quality ratings, etc. Alas, I’m not that organized.) I’m pretty sure the number is not less than 30 per year, which gets me over 700. Here’s the last one.


The Curator will likely be here tomorrow. If not, please accept apologies in advance.

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