The Wednesday Curator – 2/18/2016

February 17, 2016

Garry Wills is a quiet giant among writers. He has written extensively about the Catholic Church and about American politics. Pedigree aside, his piece for the National Review of Books, The Next Justice? It’s Not Up to Us, is exemplary for its scholarly takedown of the hucksters and fraudsters who, within an hour of the reporting that Justice Antonin Scalia had passed, were shamelessly ignoring the plain language of the U.S. Constitution they so revere. Best two sentences:

And Senator Ted Cruz, the presidential candidate, Senate Judiciary Committee member, and self-styled guardian of the Constitution, wrote on Twitter, “We owe it to him, [Scalia] & the Nation, for the Senate to ensure that the next President names his replacement.” That is, we owe it to the archetypal originalist, where the Constitution is concerned, to ignore and defy the original Constitution.

In his Tuesday press conference President Obama said he was “shocked” when the first questioner asked him about the Scalia situation, right after the ASEAN summit in California. Apropos of all Scalia, 24/7, read Jennifer Senior’s interview, In Conversation: Antonin Scalia, published in New York magazine in October 2013.

From The National Memo, here’s How George W. Bush Made It Possible for Donald Trump to Wreck the GOP. Truly, watching the Grand Old Party in 2016 feels like watching a car crash as it’s about to happen. (Mind you, I wouldn’t bet against the Rs taking possession of the White House and holding both houses of Congress.)

Mother Jones exposes Sheldon Adelson in Sheldon Adelson Bets It All, written by Matt Isaacs. Not pretty, not even a little!

The food truck thing has definitely had a huge impact on the restaurant biz. Restaurants have trucks, and trucks become brick and mortar establishments. Pete Wells has reviewed Pizza Moto this week, a place which was a truck. Some fine looking food, and don’t skip the slide show. And for those who don’t click, take a look at the Clam Pie. Clams, bacon, potatoes, and pizza = perfection!

Clam Pie


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