Some Post-Election Thoughts

November 11, 2016

Some Post-Election Thoughts. Another Saturday Night doesn’t quite fit here, for it’s Friday night. (Feels like Saturday, for Friday was Veterans Day and I dodged work, mostly.) Alas, as the lyrics read, “I ain’t got nobody.” I’m home alone, just out of a hot bath tub, eating dinner, drinking the martini after the one I drank in the tub, and providing an update from Mark Rubin Writes.

I’m alone because I fell in love with a woman who can’t ignore anyone who needs help. Tonight, someone needs her more than I do. Last night, she—Leigh Bernstein—and I reveled in the Loft Cinema’s 70mm screening of Ghostbusters. Sigourney Weaver? OMG. Bill Murray? Meh. Leigh says otherwise, but she can get her own website if she wants to claim Bill Murray is hotter than Susan Alexandra Weaver.

On to more important things, like the future of our nation. Between Sunday and next Saturday—the Sunday post might appear later on Saturday, and next Saturday is November 19—I will share several thoughts on the 2016 election. Candidly, there won’t be much hope, and there will be no magic solutions. That said, I’ve been processing since Tuesday evening. Honest to goodness, later on Saturday the 12th, I believe I will be ready to go forth.

(True confession: I wandered into leave America territory, after Trump won. Costa Rica is not very far away, it’s cheap to get there, and I am going in January. I don’t expect to end up in Costa Rica, but it seems like a cool January destination, and if it becomes my home, I’d like to have visited at least once before I arrived for good.)

These are very challenging times, for Americans and for everyone else who inhabits the Third Rock from the Sun. Time will tell on everything, and I hope Mark Rubin Writes will provide worthwhile insights.


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