The Rules of the Road

November 12, 2016

The rules of the road.

I have lots of stuff on my mind. I will share lots of words during this week. Apologies in advance, but my structure should lend itself to “read what you want” and skip the rest.

Pieces are in the works. I will start with the losing side of the election, for it’s over when it ends. I will wrap matters up late in the week, focusing on President-elect Donald Trump. He’ll make news during the coming days, so it makes sense to leave him for last.

In between discussing HRC and DJT I will share thoughts about a variety of issues, including the media, race, rural America, owning ideas, the deficit, common facts, tribalism, and protests. I do not intend for my comments to be complete. They are, I hope, thoughtful musings, based on not more than a few days worth of perspective. On any topic, I welcome comments and dialogue.

Please read my words with the understanding that I’m not a professional observer. Lots of life occupies me, and I do live in a very privileged bubble. So, please take what I’m sharing with several grains of salt.

We live among 300+ million Americans. Generalities cannot be avoided, and constant reminders disrupt thoughts. I know I’m generalizing. And that ought to be enough … but if I offend anyone, I’m truly sorry.

One more thing about generalizing. Absent specific references to Republicans generally, when I talk about Rs I’m referring to elected officials, the chattering class, large donors, etc. I have many friends on the other side. In the main, we have different perspectives on important matters.

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