Hurrah, Hurrah: Rubin & Bernstein PLLC

May 24, 2018

Hurrah, Hurrah: Rubin & Bernstein PLLC

We’re Here … Finally!

382 S. Convent Ave.

382 S. Convent Ave.

Well, gentle readers, you’ve certainly gotten teasers, here and here. (Candidly, I thought there were more.) Rubin & Bernstein PLLC is, like, the real deal! As of May 29th we’re located at 382 S. Convent Ave., with an annex office at 307 S. Convent. The picture shows 382, and we’ve got lots of parking. (Moving today, May 24!)

The Lawyers

Leigh Bernstein—my partner—devotes herself to the needs of elderly people and those who surround them in their later years. She provides estate planning services for people of all ages. Her practice also includes guardian/conservatorship cases involving people with dementia or mental illness. She handles trusts and probate estates, as well. In all aspects of dealing with those who need help, Leigh bring wisdom, experience, and great judgment about how to achieve the best outcome for the person in need of assistance.

My practice rocks on, focusing primarily on business, real estate and probate work. (I handle transactions and provide advice, and I do represent litigants in lawsuits.) I also represent and sue lawyers (and provide expert testimony on ethics and fee issues.) Finally, I serve, part-time, as General Counsel for Pima Medical Institute. I’m available, always, to solve problems and focus on opportunities. (Back to solving problems, momentarily.)

We have a third attorney in our firm, Matthew Scarber. Matt grew up in Tucson and graduated from the U of A. He went to law school at the University of Kansas—Go Jayhawks, … unless they’re playing our Wildcats—and became a member of the State Bar of Arizona in 2017. Matt brings to our practice a youthful joie de vivre—think Capri Sun juice packets—and lots of smarts and judgment, of the kind we don’t often see from 25-year-olds.

Our Style

So, … about solving problems. Leigh and I have, separately and together, always focused on outcomes. (Collectively, we have practiced law for … many years.) Many attorneys get themselves and their clients wrapped up in winning. For sure, in some cases winning matters and we prefer winning to its opposite. In many cases, though, and especially in the family disputes which arise when mom or dad—or both—are demented or dead, a solution exists … until legal fees and ill will take over. Too often, dysfunction rules, and everybody loses if the attorneys don’t get control of the situation and focus on finding a solution.

The Staff

What with rambling on about us, Matt, and solving problems, I didn’t get to Zoe Goehring, Katie Petrick, and Melissa Sotelo, who provide staff support. They bring to our practice professional and personal experiences, interfacing with the probate and elder law processes. They, along with Matt, Leigh, and me, focus on service. We focus on outcomes, for sure, but service matters greatly … and we don’t get successful outcomes without staff support.

Canine Corps

Finally, we have our Canine Corps. June Carter heads up the Corps and focuses on comforting anyone who’s struggling. June’s son, Osborne Earl “Ozzie” Smith, is our Chief Greeter and Announcer. He let’s us know you’ve arrived and … sometimes, announces the arrival of a car at the corner. Then there is Max Atticus Finch. He goes to work every day, even though we don’t know what he does. He just shows up! Finally, there’s Odin T., who serves as Counsel to Rubin & Bernstein. (Odin works at another firm as its Chief Greeter, but he stays with Leigh when his ’rents leave town, and on those days he’s ever present, albeit always in the background.)

Dogs in an office. Silly? Unprofessional? We think not! For many of our clients—real people with really significant problems—the pups humanize us and help to reduce the totally understandable stress associated with obtaining legal services.

Contact Information

Call us at 520.623.3083, or email us at,, or

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