The Candidates’ Debate

February 19, 2020

The Candidates’ Debate

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Mark Rubin

Going to the candidates’ debate, Laugh about it, shout about it, When you’ve got to choose
Every way you look at this you lose. (For the rest of the lyrics, with the melody and harmony, click here.)

I’m watching D Debate No. 9. Here’s my comment, 10 minutes in, to LB: Effing goddamn f****** circular firing squad. Now, 53 minutes in, nothing differs.

I want President Elizabeth Warren. She warms my heart, for she’s brilliant, with a huge heart and a deep, deep understanding about what ails those who struggle. Can she solve their problems? Probably not. (Quick aside: I got drawn into an interesting debate about the future of the legal profession. Bottom line: whatever happens, it won’t benefit regular people, for our system never benefits regular people. Capitalism works for people with capital!)

I settled, in the last few weeks, for Michael Bloomberg. Warren to Bloomberg? Hello? Well, I found many others in my world. I think Warren and Bloomberg have the brainpower the others don’t have. No one still running lacks capacity, for sure, but I don’t think anyone ever thought Joe Biden’s strong suit was firing neurons. Empathy? Yes. The common touch? Absolutely. Etc.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg? Smart, for sure. But what has he accomplished? Yes, he’s a mayor. But I spent a long night in 1974 in South Bend, and lots of long nights in New York City, between 1976 and 2019. They differ!!!

Biden goes nowhere. Shame on him, with 44 years of experience as an elected federal official, for not appreciating the death knell associated with his son trading on daddy to make $600K per year to serve on a board of directors. (I am part-time General Counsel for a corporation which has a real deal board of directors. Directors don’t earn $50K a month, playing it straight!)

Who’s left? Amy Klobuchar wins the award for worst boss of the year, and that feels like it ought to matter, if Mayor Mikey treated women like sh*t.

Then there’s Senator Bernie Sanders (I – Vt.) Crazy Uncle Bernie. The man whose visage I’ve met, repeatedly. He’s the guy at the Seder – someone’s uncle or friend – who rants and expects (and demands) attention.

Let’s get real here. Ds have real concerns about trying to get this right. We plotz about character, for real. The Rs, on the other hand, own DJT lock, stock, and barrel. They ask no questions. They accept him, because … judges, or taxes, or abortion … or, sadly, because he makes being lousy OK.

So, I’m struggling. I’m amazed by the fact that D candidates seem so flawed. Why did we not find someone with fewer flaws? Why? And what do we do about the fact that our circular cluster**** might, for real, make Donald Trump the last POTUS ever?

I told LB, between minute 10 and minute 53, that I could not support Mike Bloomberg, based on his treatment of women. (Mikey, when you had the opportunity to release women you paid off from non-disclosure agreements, your answer should have been “Sure,” quickly. Better still? I already released them. So, I don’t know. The Rs managed to swallow a predator way worse than Michael Bloomberg. And, any sentient being the Ds nominate gets my vote, so if Mike Bloomberg buys this thing, so be it.

Ugh! I guess I lived long enough to see everything all effed up. My heart belongs to Elizabeth Warren. And my brain? Dunno. FUBAR.

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