The Wednesday Curator – 6/15/2016

June 14, 2016

[Prefatory Comment: The Curator will not be offering anything about Orlando, at least not directly. The Curator’s alter ego will share some thoughts soon.]

Sam Stein, writing for The Huffington Post Highline, interviewed the campaign managers for Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz, and the communications director for Marco Rubio, about losing to Donald Trump. The piece is titled Sad!, and it’s that and much more.

From the General Election Desk, New Yorker Editor-in-Chief David Remnick wrote The Choice for the June 20 edition’s lead Comment section piece. Mr. Remnick poses the question in the title: Has a presidential election ever suggested more vividly divergent candidates than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?* Obviously, Mr. Remnick is not acquainted the magazine Duh, despite the fact that it, like his New Yorker, a maga … oh, never mind!

The Curator does not often feature one writer twice in one edition. (Truth be told, it’s never happened before.) That said, I missed David Remnick’s piece on Muhammad Ali, The Outsized Life of Muhammad Ali, last week. Mr. Remnick, who is a great, great writer, wrote King of the World, a biography of Mr. Ali, back in the late 1990s.

Ken Burns is an American treasure. Here’s his commencement address, given on June 12 at the 125th commencement at Leland Stanford Junior University in Palo Alto. It’s a gem!

And from the Food Desk we have Who Feed America?, subtitled José Andrés the Spanish-born chef fighting Trump. Written for the New Yorker—the Curator is well aware of the top-heavy contribution from the New Yorker, thank you very much—by Nicholas Schmidle, it’ll likely offer an even better opportunity to yank the New Yorker Trump-event credentials. And just in case the Curator missed it—he did—here is The Father’s Day Gift Guide from “Just sayin’,” says the alter ego.


The alter ego’s treat, for pushing the Curator to get his job done, making the daily budget, and pushing those steps. Max awaits, and then the cocktail!

*Note to the Donald: The magazine put Hillary’s name before yours, most likely because in polite society women come first. Or, perhaps, it was using last name alpha order. That said, if you want to yank the magazine’s press credentials, I’m betting no one will care!


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